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the nicest thing ive ever heard was that somebody called me crazy... ^-^

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20 years from now, u will be more disappointed by the things
u did not do than by the things u did do...

hi guys, im still alive, i cant write that much cuz many people are waiting to use the computer. just wanted to tell u that i love and miss u...

ur kaddl, see ya soon (almost 2 months...its notthat long anymore!)

kisses and hugs

18.4.06 03:34

hi guys, how is it going?

i just wanted to tell u that i am gonna go to south carolina for a week tomorrow morning. of course u can send me emails and stuff...i will love to read them after vacation...

also i had my first driving lesson today. it is soo much fun, unbelievable. i still have to learn so much, though.

luv ya guys..im tired, have to go to bed...


15.4.06 05:53

im just bored and still sick

hi guys...i know...i have too much time cuz im writing again something..

today i just looked up the baggage allowance and i found something really funny...have u ever thought about to bring a christmas tree into a plane? it is possible...just click the link...first i couldnt believe it but now i think it is really funny..


im still sick...i dont like being sick...its annoying...i cant breath and i have kind of a fever (102.6) its annoying. i dont know yet if i will stay home tomorrow...i could cuz i had a fever today but i dunno if i want to...i will see how i am feeling tomorrow morning. maybe i will feel better...hopefully i will...

who wrote me the comment under my last article? i was wondering and i have no clue...tell me, plz. u forgot ur name under it. thats pretty bad.

so...i am gonna go to bed now, im cold and warm at the same time....i have one warm hand and one cold one. thats really funny...lol..

see ya, guys....kaddl
3.4.06 03:20

i think i am sick

hi guys...

i havent written you for a long time but i thought i would be a good moment now..i think am getting sick. i think i have a fever, i have coughed the whole day and i cant breath because my nose isnt free of stuff...anyways..

i started playing lacrosse. it is a lot of fun but i kinda dont like it. hockey is so much more fun and i am missing it so much. i went to a soundtigers game today (www.soundtigers.com) and it was so much fun just to watch that i realized that i dont like lax. just to get hit with a ball like 100 times in 3 hours isnt fun at all... i wont quit, though. i started it and i will finish it. maybe it will be more fun when the season started but i dont know.

also i am feeling weird about coming home. dont get me wrong. i am really excited and i really wanne see u but it is also the moment when i have to leave america, my school and my friends here. i am really excited that my parents are gonna come june 15th but it is so freakin soon. the time went by so fast, it is ridiculous. those of you who are gonna leave germany this summer can be so lucky. i would like to go with you. just because it is one big adventure and i hope that everybody is gonna get an awesome family and will find awesome friends. i can say you one thing...enjoy ur time over there. it will be over so soon and it is really worth it! u can be so lucky.

i already made plans for summer vacation. i am gonna come home july 7th. thats a friday. saturday, july 8th, i am gonna go in the e-werk with meret, nina and gina... (im sorry if i forgot someone). then i am gonna go to the jugendmedienevent (www.jugendmedienevent.de) together with meret, nina and gina...and yay...sanne is gonna come too. then i will stay at sanne's house for a few days and after this i have to get work. hopefully i can work at the pig masting farm again (i know i am crazy but i really loved it! and i still havent eaten any meat/fish since then) after work i am gonna go to f?ssen...yay...finally...my ice hockey camp. and the best...i can fly over there. i dont have to ride the train.. (yay!!!)...yay...thats my summer vacation...really busy and i am really excited for all those stuff...its gonna be a whole bunch of fun!

so, i have to go to bed now. im feeling freakin bad but i hope it is getting better. i will have practice tomorrow...i dont wanna go. jk...i love lax...^^

well, guys, u know i luv ya...see ya soon (it is really soon! and i am happy about every email, comment...and u can call me too...lol)

eure kaddl

ps: this is a picture from the soundtigers game that we went to...and under it is junie (@Junie: ill be so sad to leave you! u have to come to germany visiting me...or u have to get married with justin...lol...just kidding...)



2.4.06 06:51

im bored

dumdidum...actually i should start to do my stuff... i have marine bio right now but we have a sub andf so i dont wanna work...lol...would i like to work when we wouldnt have a sub? +LOL+ no...mhm...im lazy...but okay...who cares...

i overslept today...and i almost had to wolk to school...but i got a ride from one of my friends...she doesnt live far away from me so it worked out well...lol...

i'll go to practice today...its running and i do not realy wanna go but i have to because i need the exercise to get in shape for lax....i would like to play more ice hockey but it impossible...the season is over...

ui...i have to work now, i'll write more later...i wanna write a little bit every day but most times i just forget it...

 yaya, u know...i luv ya...gg...kaddl

1.3.06 18:57

mhm...i dunno^^

first thing...
happy valentines day everybody over there in germany forgot me...lol...BUT i thought about u and wish u a happy valentines day...i hope u had a nice day, hadnt u?
i had practice today and it was actually pretty cool...i missed the scrimmage but the coaches decided we will more technical stuff today....mhm...bad...but who cares^^
im soo bored right now...i dunno...im supposted to learn french vocabularies...but u know..im too lazy to learn...but it really doesnt matter...it works anyway so i dont care about learning right now. i got a 100 in my last math quiz...yay...im soo good^^ no not really...it was just stuff that i knew...ill see how the next one goes...i wrote it today and now im pretty excited what i got...
mhm...i dunno whatelse to write so i decided im done now...i will do something else...prolly keep writing with britt and do other senseless stuff...except learning..thats senseless too but for this im too lazy...lol..

luv ya, guys, katie
15.2.06 03:00

IM SOOO PISSED OFF. fucking coach. he is such an asshole. i was senior and he didnt let me play in the senior game. what the hell is this? I know im not varsity...i just started this year...but it was the senior game. he was supposted to let me play. but he didnt...and he didnt apologize either. such a freak.
im so pissed right now, im sorry guys, but he is such a bad coach.
but anyways...he is an asshole and i will have MY senior game on monday...with MY jv team...

luv ya guys, would like to have u here right now...im really upset and sad...but who cares...

12.2.06 06:03

mhm...hab gerade meine mama angerufen um zu gucken ob das mit dem auto f?r die koffer auch alles geklappt hat..
irgendwie bin ich traurig...sie fahren das erste mal ohne mich in den urlaub...m?chte auch mitfahren...das ist komisch...ganz ohne mich...sie sind soweit weg...das ist seltsame...lauter aufregung wegen urlaub...fahren jetze zum flughafen...und ich...ich bin hier...klar ist es auch sch?n...hatte gerade nen game und alles toll...aber es ist so nen moment der doch seltsam ist...mhm...
hey mama, ich hab dich ganz doll lieb! wenn du das liest seid ihr bestimmt gerade in kenia in der sonne und genie?t euren urlaub...sei nicht truarig...genie?t euren urlaub! mir geht es gut..

22.1.06 04:08

hey guys...thats me

12.1.06 04:12

its 2 in the morning and i just came home from my ice hockey games. thats unbelievable...2 in the morning from sport?! thats crazy...but still...it was fun...i took some pictures but i didnt upload them (lol) so you have to wait some hours to see them...
so...right now im really tired...games were good...we lost in the game where i was goalie...i couldnt stop one goal in the first minute. i was too scared and nervous. and it was a really bad goal...so it went in...but it really doesnt matter cuz they had 35 (!!!) shots on the other team's goal...and didnt score...so...i dont care...i did my job, just one goal in my first game...thats okay...
in the second game, i played as a defender, we won...yay...we won...thats amazing...the score was 5:1....so it was really good and i think i did a good job...but whatever...its late and i have to go to bed now, sorry guys but its time to sleep, isnt it?
tomorrow natthaporn, another exchange student, is gonna come to sleepover at my house...so thats cool...argh...i would like to write more but actually its too late to write so much stuff...its bed time...
so...nighty night...take care guys dont do anything that i wouldnt do...lol...

luv ya, katie
7.1.06 08:04

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