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the nicest thing ive ever heard was that somebody called me crazy... ^-^

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20 years from now, u will be more disappointed by the things
u did not do than by the things u did do...
dumidum...just came home and felt like writing some stuff

hi guys,

i just came home from junie's. we watched 'the sounds of music' it was great. a really good movie....and we decided that we actually will dance with mr c-house tomorrow. and we will buy him fake hair *lol* oh my gosh, it was amazin...i had so much fun with junie. just in case u r gonna read this...thx for the nice evening junie i had a lot of fun...we have to do this again some time.

also i called the driving school and told them i wanna come for the drug and alcohol course. the date is set now...maz 20th and 21st. thats cool, then i have done at least everything formal that i need. then i just have to learn driving *LOL* i know...i will learn it, it is not that hard, it just takes some practice. i know i can do it. i will do it, i wanna come back to germany WITH my license so badly.

so, i gtg now...im kinda tired...so, i'll write more tomorrow or the day after. havent forgotten u yet, kaddl

26.4.06 05:39

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