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the nicest thing ive ever heard was that somebody called me crazy... ^-^

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20 years from now, u will be more disappointed by the things
u did not do than by the things u did do...

joa...i dont know what to write...i just felt like bloggin something cuz im in the mood to talk english. thats quite impossible cuz im too tired to call junie or somebody else...yay...i dont know...i love english but in school it just sucks. it doesnt make fun at all cuz its fucking boring...at least english. we talk about stupid stuff, stupid vocs that ive never used before...but wtf....

something else to talk about? i miss meret and nina...also i miss imke...i just havent heard of them for a while and i would like to hang out with them. i thought about taking the train to imke but i dont have enough money to do so. damn it...

something else? i got a new fav song...ganytherapie by raggabund (www.raggabund.de). they re pretty cool and it just rocks...hehe...danke bush by blumentopf is also good.

yay...i gotta keep learning now...im gonna take another exam tomorrow...wtf...i dont care....

love, katie who misses america! especially school...american school just rocks and is not comparable to german school whcih is damn boring and stupid....
25.9.06 21:48

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